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“5 Stars for the House of Hearing!”

“I was very fortunate in finding the House of Hearing. They were very professional and informative in leading me in the direction of choosing the correct hearing aids. They were very thorough and caring in explaining the pros and cons of each unit in easy layman’s terms. They adjusted my hearing aids to fit my exact needs. They also fixed a slight malfunction and assured me they would do the same for any future problems that may occur, and I have complete confidence in their abilities to do so. I highly recommend Matthew Murphy and Russell Clark in helping you find that perfect pair of hearing aids for which you have been looking. 5 Stars for the House of Hearing.”

Robert B.

“Thank you for the great care and service!”

“Thank you for the great care and service I have received from you all. Matt and Russell, you made it all so easy. I truly did not realize my hearing was so bad. Thanks for being so nice to an old lady…see you all soon again!”

Carmen H.

“Efficient, practical, and affordable!”

“I want to express my gratitude to Matt Murphy and the House of Hearing staff for their TLC and expertise that has changed my live. I am confident that you will be impressed with their professionalism and the high quality level of service that is on-going even after your purchase. More to the point, they can make the job of acclimating to your hearing aids efficient, practical and affordable.”

Judy F.

“I am in love with hearing the world!”

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I have been with your service, professionalism, and pricing on my digital BTE hearing aids. The end result is awesome. I am in love with hearing the world in such a comfortable clear way now. My wife is still getting used to talking softly again (like she used to do 20 years ago in our marriage). I think she likes the hearing aids more than I do!!”

Byron K.

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“Gives me a comfort that I need!”

“As I left your office today I almost turned back to thank you in person, but if I had there might have been tears, tears of deep appreciation. I wonder if there is another place in Boise where the staff are so graciously helpful. The knowledge that you are really a supporting staff gives me a comfort that I need and appreciate.”

Lona R.


“As a retiree I enjoy watching sports and the history channel. After we installed the TV system I can turn the TV sound down until it is almost inaudible, and use the telephone setting on my hearing aids which makes the sound clear for me to hear without disturbing my wife. We both think it is wonderful.”

Wilber and Marcena A.

“Thank You!”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for promptly and professionally taking care of my needs for hearing aid repair and/or adjustment. I feel fortunate to have someone with offices in close proximity to my office willing to work me into a busy schedule and correcting my problems.”

Keith H.

“All of you are really great people!”

“I will always appreciate “House of Hearing” for coming to my rescue and coming to my home when I couldn’t make it down there. All of you are really great people. Thanks again for helping me.”

Louise R.

“You’ve gone above and beyond!”

“Dennis and I wanted to express our gratitude for everything that you’ve done for me regarding these digital hearing aids!!! You have no idea how much we appreciate the service that you’ve provided! You’ve gone above and beyond and I’m so glad to do business with you.”

Susan and Dennis J.