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The majority of us have been told to eat our carrots for good eyesight. It’s likely that you were not given any equivalent suggestions about what foods were healthy for your ears and hearing. We can finally teach our kids what to eat for healthy hearing; information that’s undoubtedly wise for us to follow as well.

Several things can result in loss of hearing, including infections, age and noise. Nutrients and vitamins that may help impede or prevent some types of hearing loss are found within the following foods.

Believe it or not, fish like salmon or trout which contains omega 3 fats and vitamin D, has been shown in studies to protect against age-related hearing loss. Some other smart options for fish containing vitamin D and omega 3 fats include the can of tuna in your cupboard and the anchovies that many of us hold from our pizza. For a hearing boost later in life, eat any one of these at least two times per week.

Musicians, construction workers, and other professionals exposed to loud noises, are at a high risk for ear damage. Bananas, artichokes and potatoes are loaded with magnesium and can help protect the hearing of individuals with a hobby or a job exposing them to intense sounds. Foods containing magnesium help protect against noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) although the mechanism for how the magnesium does this is not known.

There are even some foods we consider sweets, such as dark chocolate, are good for hearing health. Age-related hearing loss has been connected to zinc deficiencies, and zinc is a component of dark chocolate. Try some oysters on the half shell if you don’t care for dark chocolate; any foods containing zinc will help assure you aren’t deficient.

Exposure to high decibel noise can trigger the formation of damaging free radicals contributing to the demise of delicate inner ear hair cells, according to The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD). Reduce free radical damage with folic acid and antioxidants. Foods rich in both antioxidants and folic acid include asparagus, eggs, nuts and spinach.

In addition to encouraging our children to consume carrots for good eyesight, now we can help them safeguard their hearing and slow possible hearing problems with specific food suggestions.