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Mom was always the life of the party, talking and laughing it up with everyone. So it seemed strange when she started just sitting in her chair and not engaging. We thought she was just “getting old” and were surprised when the doctor said she had lost some hearing. No wonder she wasn’t enjoying herself – she simply couldn’t hear what other people were saying! She said she was having trouble distinguishing sounds and couldn’t understand conversations across the room.

We live in Boise, ID and weren’t sure where we should look for hearing loss treatment. We wanted mom to be able to continue having a full social life, but were a little concerned about her budget. Thank goodness our friends told us they had taken their parents to the House of Hearing Audiology Clinic.

First we visited the website and watched their video. After we read their “Guide to Better Hearing” we decided to make an appointment for mom. We’re glad we did. There wasn’t any pressure and they really took the time to find a hearing loss treatment plan that would work for her. That was two years ago and they’re still making sure she is hearing everything she should. There’s another party coming up soon – mom’s looking forward to it!

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